Kylie Versoza

Miss International 2016

Kylie Versoza, wearing bayo

We all know Kylie Verzosa to be the epitome of beauty and brains. Her articulate speech on cultural and international understanding which won her the Miss International 2016 crown was proof of that. But beyond the title, Kylie is tremendously hardworking. Having lost in Bb. Pilipinas 2015, she was resolute in redeeming herself and winning that crown.

“My loss inspired me to join again and I really focused this time around. I studied a lot for Q&A. I practiced every day, went to the gym for at least an hour, and ate clean. It was a lot of hard work but I was really focused because it was my only and last chance for my second try.”

It all paid off as we all know she won the title of Bb. Pilipinas–International in 2016 and then eventually the crown. As Miss International, she advocates mental health as she admits that she had undergone depression as well.

Bayo clothing with thread design
Kylie Versoza wearing crown

“It took me a few months to go through mine and I was wondering how come people don’t talk about this. So I decided to talk about it. As it turns out, it helps other people and I’m really glad I get to reach out to people who might need help too.”

These days, Kylie pays it forward by raising awareness about depression, its causes, and possible treatment. She aims to shed more light on the subject matter and help those currently suffering from it to cope in the right way.

“There’s still a stigma to it, it’s not really spoken about. It’s not a tangible sickness like a fever. You don’t see it but a person experiences it.”

And with an international platform, no doubt that she can deliver and become a much needed poster girl for mental health. But the model-turned-beauty queen is not all work and no play. In her very limited free time, she admits to love listening to music, going to the gym, and getting much needed sleep. With her busy schedule, she also insists on keeping herself fit and active.

“I love keeping fit. It doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good too.”

Because of her slender physique that she enjoys keeping in tip-top share, dressing up is quite fun for Bayo’s newest endorser. “I go for classic, elegant pieces that I can mix and match. I like basic colors and timeless fashion—just like a contemporary Audrey Hepburn.”

While Kylie, with her doe-eyes and classic features, could easily pass for a Filipina Audrey Hepburn, she’s her own kind of beauty. With the grace of royalty, depth of one twice her age, and character as enduring as jewels on her crown, she aptly embodies the kind of queen that is made in the Philippines.

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