"I made small steps in raising awareness for the importance of early childhood education."

"I made small steps in raising awareness for the importance of early childhood education."

Alexandra Eduque


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Philanthropy must be Alexandra Eduque’s calling. She started volunteering for Habitat for Humanity at 15 and even became the world’s first Filipino and youngest recipient of the Outstanding Volunteer Award and the International Fundraising Congress Choice Award from London-based Resource Alliance in 2013.

She’s at it again with MovED, a non-profit organization that provides early childhood education to underserved communities in the country.

“MovED began 5 years ago as an offshoot of my undergraduate thesis, I felt that our country, especially in the underserved communities could gain so much more awareness on the importance of Early Childhood Education.”

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With this in mind, Alex does not only provide early childhood education but also values formation for the entire family. She even went a step further and, through key partnerships, offers a class feeding program because MovED believes that children can’t go to school hungry.

Only in her late 20s, she has opened 18 classrooms all over the country and hopes to expand to even the most far-flung communities. Wise beyond her years, Alex stresses that everyone has the opportunity to help out and MovED is just one of the platforms to get in touch with the greater community.

“Your time is now. Do what you can to help. There is always something, even if you start small.” Says the social advocate.

There is so much more to expect from Alex, with her energy, optimism, and can do attitude. Compassionate to her core, she is a prime example of a young trailblazer made in the Philippines.

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