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Fish Forever

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Social responsibility is nothing new to Rocky. Having conceptualized many corporate social responsibility campaigns during her time in Campaigns and Grey, Rocky already knew how it worked. But when Rare, an international conservation organization that works in over 50 countries, came to the Philippines, Rocky had her work cut out for herself.

“When I joined Rare in 2013, my job was to try and help localize the ideas that Rare was using throughout the world to support conservation. Here in the Philippines, the work was focused on marine and fishery resources, and I helped launch a program called Fish Forever.”

Using global best practices in social marketing and behavior change, Rocky and her team have adapted the concept of Fish Forever for local fishing communities.

“Fish Forever is a global initiative. The basic idea is to give fishers a real stake in their resources, and how they’re managed. Then we teach local leaders to craft campaigns and activities that will really inspire the fishers to make the right choices.”

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Currently working in 37 coastal municipalities, Rare hopes to bring Fish Forever all over the archipelago. “There are over 900 coastal municipalities in the Philippines, and we need to pass on what we know, get other people behind the approach, and encourage them to do it themselves.”

Working on something as big and as socially relevant as Fish Forever, you would think that Rocky was all work and no play. But the Rare Vice President is very casual and approachable, and it shows in the way she dresses.

“Generally, I’m happiest wearing jeans. I have to tell myself to dress up when the occasion calls for it.”

Genuine, multifaceted, and with exceptional management skills to boot, Rocky has made social responsibility her calling. And with the kind of spirit that can only be made in the Philippines, Rocky and her team—together with our fishermen—are working to ensure our Philippine seas will have fish forever.

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